Infographic Tools

Tableau Public
Requires tool download (Windows only) and creation of the account, and allows to publish charts online, as well as store them as PDF or image. Very powerful set of graphs, and ability to create a dashboard. Allows to load data set from many different sources.
Requires to create an account (Facebook / Twitter login can be used). Good selection of charts (data can be imported from Excel spreadsheets), which can also be wrapped into a few themes (and can contain graphical text, images and charts). Simple intuitive UI. No graphs or trees, however, and no option to export (can only publish online).
Requires to create an account. You can choose a theme from many different templates, or create a new one from scratch.  Shapes are a central piece of the design, and can create many different forms: from tree and graph to a diagram. Presentations can also contain images and graphic text, but no ability to create charts based on data. Can be published online or exported as JPG.

Many Eyes
IBM site, based on Cognos, that allows to visualize data sets. Site design, and user experience in general are quite outdated, clumsy and slow (Java applets are used to render charts). However has a decent set of chart types, diagrams, and maps. Result can be published online or exported as PNG.

Charts Bin
Requires to create an account. Allows to upload and visualize location-based data. Has a few options, and user interface is not very smooth. However what’s valuable is the ability to create interactive maps with data, allows to publish or download it as PNG.

Infographic Tools

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