Little WordPress annoyances and findings

I discovered that WordPress does not support Google Analytics. Not even if you have a paid account. For my blog I could care less: I keep it mostly for myself as a tool to preserve some thoughts and information, or direct people to specific post, when I need to share something with them… But when tracking visitors is important (e.g. somebody’s own business blog), paid WordPress blog is not a good option at all: for approximately the same amount of $30, you can get a hosting (such as iPage or GoDaddy) with WordPress support, and then configure Google Analytics or install a plug-in.

The blog of the WordPress staff in that thread (she doesn’t disclose her name), however, is pretty useful.

Little WordPress annoyances and findings

2 thoughts on “Little WordPress annoyances and findings

  1. doesn’t support Google Analytics, but WordPress does (through a bunch of different plugins — like the one you noted). This Support Page explains the difference between the two. has some sweet stats built-in, which will likely never be as powerful as Google Analytics, but we’re improving on everyday.

    Also worth noting, the site you’ve linked to isn’t run by a staff member. She’s a forum volunteer.

    Hope everything’s well 🙂

  2. Yes, I was researching for somebody, and good that I did, or they would be stuck with no google stats, and no ad-sense, both of which was what they wanted. We bought hosting instead and setting up a wordpress there was a breeze. I wanted a “0 custom code” solution (so that I don’t need to handle any changes), and that was possible – was able to find add-ons for everything almost (or “creatively re-purpose” some of them). So non-technical people with proper instructions can purfectly manage those things. I am actually thinking of getting similar setup for myself too…
    For that blog I think someone mentioned she was a staff? But I will change that, np.

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