Notable Firefox Extensions

  1. Download: FlashGot extension with Free Download Manager (though add-on supports many other download managers as well), and optionally Video DownloadHelper for downloading videos from sites like youtube. And Web2PDF Converter to save web pages as PDF.
  2. Bookmarks: Delicious (requires account on
  3. Anti-ad: I use the combination of Adblock Plus (advertisement and banner blocker) and Beef Taco (a cookie that blocks targeted advertisement from many companies, like Google, Microsoft or Yahoo).
  4. Development and Testing: Firebug and YSlow described on this page and Web Developer – a toolbar, which gives easy access to dozens of useful tools, from enabling and disabling different components, to CSS preview, to validation…
  5. Feeds, Blogs: I am not big fan of reading feeds, I prefer to go to the original site. However I still need to be notified when a new post appears on one of the sites I read regularly. Also I often have a bunch of “things I want to read later”  (e.g. when I have time or when commuting). So I use Sage, which is a nice feed reader/notifier and Read It Later, which does what its name says.
  6. Boosts: I usually open many tabs, which bloats Firefox memory and CPU, I also like to install SaveMemory.
  7. Multi-functional: GreaseMonkey is a champion, with lots of existing scripts and ability to create new ones.

Installation links on Mozilla site: FlashGot / Video DownloadHelper / Web2PDF Converter / Delicious / AdBlock Plus / Beef Taco / Firebug / YSlow / Web Developer / Sage / Read It Later / SaveMemory / GreaseMonkey

Notable Firefox Extensions

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